On a musical journey with Stars and Rabbit

The journey of Stars and Rabbit have broadened their perspectives and senses of making music that really speaks out their distinct personalities. Their newest album, “On Different Days”, will be out in June.

Psymon Spine is psych pop with teeth

psymon spine

Fusing psychedelic pop and the deep grooves of dance music, Brooklyn electronic pop outfit Psymon Spine’s music is oozing with approachable melodic hugeness on first contact.

Stilljill creates refreshing female energy


Recently added to our Indie/Pop/Rock radio stream: Stilljill. The Female powered rock-trio creates a flow of refreshing female energy with debut EP “Waterslides.” Stiljill blends indie pop with psych rock into soft yet intriguing melodies.

The perfect mix of tension & chill: Soul Push

soul push

Harmonizing modernism with the romance of music’s earlier decades, Soul Push affirms that there is still an art in storytelling. It’s R&B meets rock-pop, it’s gospel soul meets synthesizers – why put a label on it?

From the wintery streets of Toronto: Wasting Time

wasting time

Check out 1 of the new additions to our (also new!) rock/alternative radio stream: Wasting Time. The formula of this kick-ass melodic punk band is simple but effective, their intentions pure & passionate.