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From the wintery streets of Toronto: Wasting Time

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Check out one of the new additions to our (also new) Rock/Alternative radio stream: Wasting Time. Wasting Time is a melodic punk band from the wintery streets of Toronto. The formula of the band to make great kick-ass punk rock is simple but effective, their intensions are pure and passionate: “Our music sounds like four dudes in Toronto working up a sweat and pouring our hearts out into 3 minute spurts of noise. We think it sounds like pop-punk at times”(full interview here)

Life, love, good food, video games and Stephen King are the inspirations that lead to tracks like“My Limited French,” their latest single. The song will be part of their second album, “Once More Without Feeling,” which is getting a release in the Fall. The album is recorded at Drive Studios, just north of Toronto with Steve Rizun. The band is really pleased with how the sessions have turned out. Stay tuned!

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