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The perfect mix of tension & chill: Soul Push

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After years of writing and performing under different names, Canadian born Andrew Dixon, Dallyn Hunt, and Tim Morrison, paired with South African songwriter Conan Jurek, started releasing music under the name Soul Push in early 2020.

Sporting a fresh image as a clear departure from their former selves, Soul Push has written a batch of new music that represents a shift in identity and their fans are absolutely buzzing over it.

From distant heartbreak and mental warfare to reassuring themes of sexuality and self-actualization, diversity is clear in Soul Push’s wide array of influences and lyrical content.

Harmonizing modernism with the romance of music’s earlier decades, the group affirms that there is still an art in storytelling. For them, music isn’t about finding an identity; it’s about exploring new ones. It’s R&B meets rock-pop, it’s gospel soul meets synthesizers – why put a label on it?

The whole concept of the track Calypso is a perfect mix of tension and chill. Probably the guys of Soul Push created a new genre with this track. This, folks, is the first chillension track ever created.” (full article here)

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