Music as an act of love from Waajeed

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Hailing from Conant Gardens Detroit, Waajeed’s productions through the years have been known as both inventive and genre-defying. Of recent years and with a more dance floor orientated mindset, Waajeed launched Dirt Tech Records as well as collaborating on tracks with Mad Mike Banks, Theo Parrish and Amp Fiddler.
Dirt Tech also formed the home for his Church Boy Lou EP, Make It Boom EP and many other original releases.  “Acts of Love Mixtape: Act One” was released at October 2,  “Acts of Love Mixtape: Act Two” will be released at December 9. All profits will support the Underground Music Academy. This is a Detroit based community music hub, which aims to build the future leaders of independent electronic music (more info here).

Order & pre-order “Acts of Love Mixtape: Act One & Act Two” here

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