Dreamy surf pop from Majak Door

majak door

Dreamy “Smoke in the air” from Majak Door refers to the devastating wildfires in Australia back in 2020. The single is a preview from their upcoming selftitled debut album.

Indie pop

With Asparagus, The Indigo, CLUB MAJO, Days Away, Spookyghostboy and many more!

The new single from Sylvie Kreusch!

Sylvie Kreusch

With “Just A Touch Away” songbird extraordinaire Sylvie Kreusch managed to capture that exact moment to bust out the maddest of free-spirited choreographies, at that one jam we’re really digging right now.

Strikingly talented: The Vices are here to stay

the vices

Their mix of surf rock, indie pop and garage sounds like The Growlers and Cage the Elephant’s love child. The Vices are strikingly talented & ready for a big international launch. Their second EP is out now.