Strikingly talented: The Vices are here to stay

the vices

Their mix of surf rock, indie pop and garage sounds like The Growlers and Cage the Elephant’s love child. The Vices are strikingly talented & ready for a big international launch. Their second EP is out now.

About Soundcastles. Not a band, but a story.

Soundcastles is the synthesis of years of solitary travel composition, and many in between stories. Their debut album was recorded during 2016, in just a few months the album was ready to be released by Independent Nation Records in December 2016.

Backwards Charm: Cynical romantics from Austria

Their thoughtful arrangement of cynically romanticizing lyrics combined with pure and catchy melodies evokes a feeling of being stuck somewhere in between reality and dream. Backwards Charm is an indie/dream-pop quartet based in Salzburg and Vienna, Austria.

Dreamy vibes and easy rolling guitars: National Perks

There’s something about Indonesia’s pancasila-fueled acceptance of different cultures that makes their independent musicians keen to embrace a wide variety of styles and influences, while still adding their own unique spin.

A band, an art project and game developing studio: Moon Moon Moon

Moon Moon Moon is the art project of Mark Lohmann, which currently explores the tragicomic bits of everyday life with the relentlessly honest, topical and hyperrealistic Journal Entries. Moon Moon Moon turns into a five-piece live band on stage, using their captivating melodies to bring the compelling lyrics to life. Right now the band is […]

“All of the time”, the newest single from Francis Moon. Out now!

Francis Moon´s music is a potent blend of indie rock combined with a special dream-like atmosphere, fresh off the reverberated strings. His newest single is a great example of his style. The single was released by AlexrainbirdRecords. This is an Indie music label, with a talent for discovering and promoting interesting indie music.