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Indie-pop band Kita Menari is a project born from a near death experience from singer Micha de Jonge. “I was diving in this incredible lagoon in Malaysia, really soaking in my surroundings when suddenly my oxygen tank jammed underwater. I very quickly went from serenity to panic as I fought my way to the surface before the end of my last breath”.

Back on shore, Micha told of his experience to the locals and, determined to celebrate winning his dance with Death, drank until dawn. When he awoke he found a penned note in his pocket consisting of the words ‘Kita Menari’. “I don’t know how it got there and I didn’t know that the words meant ‘we dance’ in Malay. As soon as I found out I thought ‘that’s it’! From now on that is going to be the motto of my songwriting”.

By: Merijn Siep

Tags: indie pop


1. Pretty Sure
2. Into The Dark
3. Come Into The Waves

Band members

Micha de Jonge – Vocals
Samuel Veerhuis – Guitar/vocals
Marlon Spaan – Keys/vocals
Joren Kuipers – Bass
Roger Wijdeveld – Drums


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