Indie rock, pop, psychedelic

Quirky soulmates challenging you to face your true self through psych indie rock music. While other psychedelic rock bands usually put their listeners through deep trips, PsySo aims to translate the psychedelic message into clear useful lessons. Catchy hooks, flowing grooves and atmospheric blankets combine with a dynamic stage performance to create a live show with an air of magic.


1. Shackle Of My Soul
2. Won’t Stop Me Now
3. While On Your Way

Band members

Joost Boogmans – Vocals/rhythm guitar
Marnix Bakker – Bass/vocals
Damian van Dijk – Lead guitar/vocals
Job Herselman – Drums


  • iress

Heavy. Dark. Electric: Into the deep with Iress

August 12th, 2020|

Based in LA, floating between the bright sun and the deep darkness of the Atlantic Ocean, Iress creates an original heavy sound. Last week the 4 piece band released “Nest’, the third single of their upcoming album “Flaw”.