F*ck Corona! In bocca di lupo! In less then a hour live & kicking online: DeWolff & The Grand East

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In bocca di lupo! For non Italians: Into the wolf’s mouth! It’s the way people in Europe might feel right now: trapped by the way the world moves. But “In bocca di lupo” is also a good luck wish in theatre. And because the great Shakespeare already told us all the world’s a stage, it’s a good luck wish to all of us dealing with the reality of how the world turns out today.

But it’s a good luck wish especially to the creative ones that always find a way to the stage no matter what. In less then an hour psychedelic southern rockband DeWolff will stream their concert at the Muziekgieterij online together with rock n’ soul band The Grand East. If there was no Corona outbreak the 2 bands would have been on an European tour right now. But because of the recent events they created an alternative stage even you can visit at home & in quarantine.


DeWolff announced at social media:
Muziekgieterij has been so kind to lend us their podium tonight, so we can do a livestream concert for everyone who still wants to see us! So, despite all the corona-stuff, this is gonna be THE change to change your living room in a real rock venue and party palace ? We will stream the concert LIVE via our Facebook page or you can tune in via this link here

Appropriate song these days

Music never stops…

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