Unique, yet oddly familiar: Mr. Breakfast

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Their melodies carry the audience to specific times and places as elements of synth pop, psych, shoegaze & more. They help to make a cinematic picture in the mind of the listener. Mr. Breakfast aims to create sounds that are unique, yet oddly familiar. Their first album “Glass Dome” was released in November 2018. The album is a rare combination of lyrics and melodies that create an estranged and yet hypnotizing atmosphere. Some fragments that trigger the imaginable:

Forget what you know 
About our stars 
Forget what you know 
And what you’ve been told 

Cause I saw pinholes in our sky 
I saw candles burning bright 
Floating in velvet sheets 
Stretched across the sky 
A glass dome 

Laying on my back I saw truth 
Under this cosmic roof 
Laying on that cliff I saw you 
I felt my self sinking through 

From “Glass Dome”

An engine in a stall 
Idles and then falls 
Sinking in a pool of blue 

A bird without wings 
Falters in the spring 
Drifting down a creek of green 
On a lazy afternoon 

Cold coffee at two 
I watch the news 
Praying for rain 
It’s always the same

Boys idling outside 
Waiting for a ride 
To take them someplace new 

Marking the time 
Wasting in your prime 
Holding out for the truth 
Holding on to you 
Idle in a pool of blue 

From “Pool of Blue”

More music at our stream playlist and here

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