Focus on Slovakia & The Czech Republic at ESNS

Every year ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag) highlights the very best emerging acts from a different country, showcasing the diversity of musical talent across Europe. This will be Slovakia and Czech Republic this year. CEO and booker of Pohoda Festival Michal Kašcák is excited. “With the Czech-Slovakian focus at ESNS 2019, we will be sharing our hidden treasures with music lovers around the world. They deserve it!”

We created here a small playlist with some interesting acts, that will be presented at ESNS next week:

A futuristic music ritual, an ambient transcendence for the digital age: Bohemian Cristal Instrument

His compositions oscillate between carefully crafted post-industrial soundscapes and spontaneous bursts of euphoric energy, represented by his playful melodic structures: Isama Zing

Celtic punk rock and folk from the Czech Republic: Pipes and Pints

With a debut that is a collection of deeply moving worldly baroque pop: Katarína Máliková

A great discovery from the Czech scene: Singer, rapper and performer Hellwana

Ethereal and gentle one minute, dark and chaotic the next: The Ills

A hypnotic blend of up-to-date electronica with genre-crossing as an overall manifesto: Autumnist

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