“I’m just trying to feel better than I ever have before”

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Deep Sea Peach Tree is the New York-based trio of Kristof Denis (guitar/vocals), Adam Wanetik (drums/bkg vox) and John Colapinto (bass/bkg vox). The band makes lazy surfgaze. Their music is an interesting lo-fi bedroom rock exploration.

About their latest single “Felt”:

“Felt” is their recently single and it’s a super-charged rocker with some groovy angular riffs and dreamy vocals that almost have this Beach Boys-esque pop quality to them that is a nice combination with the more punchier rock moments. (full article here )


Can’t decide between this
Purple green or something cleaner
I don’t care about the way it smells
As long as you can’t tell

I’m just trying to feel better than i ever have before
I’m such a freak i won’t even open my lips and speak
Forget about that open mouth it never seems to eat
Im ready to feel better than i ever have


Oh i’ll be fine don’t tell this boy just how to live his life
I’m making myself comfy inside outside of my head
Stop trying to feel better than you ever have before
I’m ready to feel better than i ever have



More music at our livestream playlist and here

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