To the last Summer sun: Listen to this beautiful version of “Summertime” of Michael Hamilton

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“Think of this as my personal tribute to the influences of my influences”. Michael Hamilton is very pleased with his latest EP “Nu Jazz”. Hamilton is a guitarist, bassist and aspiring audio engineer living in Glasgow, Scotland. He works mainly as a session musician, but also makes his own music.

“I’m by no means a “jazz musician”, but I have always held an appreciation for jazz as the embodiment of the principles upon which I base my own compositions: expression, experimentation, innovation. Rather than being original compositions, “Nu Jazz” features 4 somewhat unorthodox arrangements of some of my favourite jazz standards. The tracks are largely a mixture of math-, prog-, and post-rock, but also incorporate more of the electronic elements that I tend to apply to other projects, as well as vocals from the extremely talented Aynsley Murphy.”

Listen to his beautiful version of “Summertime” from “Nu Jazz”. More music at our stream playlist and here

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