Sneak peek: the session with Muddy Grease

We met with fusion jazz band MUDDY GREASE from Utrecht and recorded some tracks of their new EP. MUDDY GREASE is a five-piece electro fusion formation characterized by clear, tasteful melodies and energetic, adventurous solos. Stay tuned for the release next week on Friday 30/1!

This weekend at North Sea Jazz: Dr. Meraki & Filet au Fonque

Filet au Fonque: Recipe for some great, refreshing funky grooves, an energetic blend of jazz, soul, rock, worldmusic, hiphop and fusion. Dr. Meraki: Soul/fusion made from “Meraki”, a creative state of mind to make music with an open willingness & complete whole love.

This stormy Sunday: energetic fusion band Dr Meraki at Frequenzy

Meraki – is a verb, or an adverb, its origins are Greek 18th/19th century, it’s meaning, simply put – is to do something with an open willingness and with complete whole love. That’s exactly the approach of Dr. Meraki to music. Their debut EP Blanc was released this month &  this Sunday we are recording […]

Recording a Mihael Hrustelj session: Not to play the music, but become the music

To get connected with people and make them a part of the whole concert: that’s the main goal of Mihael Hrustelj when he is on stage with his MH3’O. The mission is not to play music but to become the music. The mix of control and freedom is the reason that their music is filled with rich melodies and rhythm, shouting, clapping, singing, dynamic surprises and above all: honesty, warmth and emotions.