Nice Legs with music that instigates day dreams of love lost and won, of adventurous far-off lands

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Funny fact: They had been born a month apart in the same hospital in Arkansas and grew up in the same neighborhood without ever having met each other until they crossed paths in …. South Korea.

Nice Legs is a dream pop duo comprised of Lauren Walker (vocals) and Mark Lentz (bass). Currently based in Kyoto, Japan, (but right now touring in the USA) the band originally formed in Seoul, South Korea where the two met and began writing music together.

The pair began busking together in 2014 and released their first EP, Lullaby Land, soon after. They received worldwide recognition for their debut, which caught the attention of radio stations, magazines and music blogs across Europe, the USA, Korea, China and Japan.  Renowned Scottish indie site GoldFlakePaint describes their sound as “pop music that instigates day dreams of love lost and won, of adventurous far-off lands.”

Recently, Nice Legs contributed music to the original score of the 2017 film “Best F(r)iends” starring Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero.

More music at our radio stream  and here

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