“All of the time”, the newest single from Francis Moon. Out now!

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It’s strange how things come together without any particular reason at all. Back in the beginning days of Frequenzy we recorded the sessions of Tim Dawn and Francis Moon at the same sunny Sunday.  Last Friday they both dropped their new single after a period of quiet working on new music and creating fresh material. We’ve already mentioned “Walking On A Wire” from Tim Dawn in one of our last blog posts, but “All Of The Time” from Francis Moon is also worth a place at your personal playlist.

Francis Moon´s music is a potent blend of indie rock combined with a special dream-like atmosphere, fresh off the reverberated strings. His newest single is a great example of his style. The single was released by AlexrainbirdRecords. This is an Indie music label, with a talent for discovering and promoting interesting indie music.

About “All of the Time” Francis Moon shared this message on social media:  “At last it’s time again! After a very long silence, I’m back with new material. I am beyond happy and proud to share this with you all! Listen, share and let this song be the soundtrack to your fall!”

Listen to the single at Spotify here

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