gravity circus

Wonderful schizophrenic indie music from Gravity Circus

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Gravity Circus is a story about how a Juggler (Jimmy, Onibi) and a Clown (Ken, Toro) met, and launched themselves on an entertaining journey through the galaxy. Hailing from Almere, The Netherlands, the musical duo is known for their eclectic songwriting and composition. Their emotional ukulele ballads, reggae grooves and heavy riffs submerged in a spacey technical tone create Gravity Circus’ hazy but definite sound: Schizophrenic Indie. At October 2nd the band launched their newest track: “Lotus Eating Heathen.”

“This track has been a hard one to work on, as it resembles a very deep and dark personal experience. Aside from all of the f*cked up things going on in the world, the worst of it all is the confrontation with yourself. The little voices creep in, asking if you’re good enough? Is what you’re doing worth it? Are you doing the right thing? It’s a cycle that repeats and before you know it, you’re down a spiral that’s very hard to get out of.  Eventually leading to what feels like a heart failure. We were blindfolded to what anxiety can do to someone. Now that we know, we’re happy to have translated this monster of a feeling into the “Lotus Eating Heathen.” It feels great to express this openly with you.”

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