“King of Crown City” shows love for vintage funk, soul, R&B and jazz

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Multi-instrumentalist  DORAN DANOFF is an emerging indie soul & rock artist from Los Angeles, CA with a piano based sound that fuses soul, rock, jazz and folk in a unique modern pop music. Last week his newest album “King of Crown City” was released. The seed for this album was planted years ago. The recordings were made, but shelved because the first album release happened, fatherhood happened, life happened, time flies. Until one day, Doran played the raw tracks for a friend, who demanded they see the light of day, and to that friend we are indebted. (full article here) The single “So Bad” was featured on the Fox show “Lucifer.”

About the new album: “I think “King of Crown City” definitely shows my love for vintage styles like funk, soul, R&B and jazz. I grew up listening to everything under the sun. My musical education was just a total immersion into everything from classical, jazz, blues, rock, hip-hop, electronic genres, and everything in between. I think with this record I was really trying to write songs that were fun, toe-tapping, and passionate, but also that told stories that were outside of myself.”( read the full article in Frontrunner Magazine)

More music at our stream playlist and here

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