The music won’t stop with Afterslag

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And the music won’t stop! Podium Gigant, our partner in crime with the Frequenzy sessions, has the tradition of organizing a nice afterparty for Eurosonic/Noorderslag visitors. Afterslag (more info here), tomorrow in Apeldoorn with:

Cartiez : Launched his solo career as one of the most promising pop artists from the current New Wave

From Poland: Coals with dreamy ethereal pop, drawing both from electronic music and elements of folk

Dakota is making you close your eyes and drift away in dreamy, hazy atmospheres – just before they whack you right around the head with fierce guitar riffs and pounding rhythms…

Nana Adjoa: Her soulful songs are a beautiful blend of Nina Simone meets Little Dragon and her love for British trip-hop


Nordmann: The live wire intensity and explosive potential of a furious rock and roll band, while also retaining the thoughtfulness and shape-shifting qualities of the best improvising units

Prepare yourself for this six-piece punk outfit hailing from Copenhagen: Pardans

Irish Singer Songwriter Rosborough is gaining acclaim for his live performances, his mature style, lyrical depth, emotive power and impressive vocal range

The Overslept links past and present by playing traditional pop punk in a contemporary way



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