Finally! Enjoy the Woodstock live vibe again with Tricklebolt

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Think of Woodstock: what is the sound, what are the images, that come to your mind? Bet it’s Hendrix or Santana, Joplin may be. Their voices, riffs, music and energy made Woodstock the mythical event that it forever will be. 2019 was the year that it was not possible to organize a Woodstock 50 years memorial concert for insurance technical and commercial reasons. But 2020 will be the year that a rockband in humble Lemele could recreate the ’69 Woodstock vibe despite a worldwide pandemic. Tricklebolt gave Lemele and the rest of the world the experience of live music back in a old fashioned Woodstock way. Thank God we were there to experience and record it.

Watch here a small preview of this magical concert. Tricklebolt also recorded here a first drive-in live album. Stay tuned and subscribe to their mailinglist for more info and stories here.


Wanna experience Tricklebolt live?

Upcoming shows:
03-09 –> Tricklebolt in Hengelo – more here
05-09 –> Tricklebolt | Willem Twee poppodium – more here
10-09 –> Hedon Presenteert: Gerrits Tuin – more here

Limited tickets available!

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