Nothing can stop a girl with an ukulele: My Sun and Stars

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“If anyone asks for my advice, I say: If you truly believe that you are meant to do something, don’t stop. No matter who tells you that you are not good enough. At the end, nothing can stop a girl with an ukulele.“

Emma Patterson started writing songs when she was 14, using her ukulele as harmony instrument while singing her own melodies to friends and music teachers. Already at this point she was told, that she should focus on something different than music, because her talent wasn’t big enough to make it in the music industry. But she kept on believing in her dream and after finishing school she pursued her goal to become a professional songwriter. But what followed were many throwbacks. Her songs were rejected by labels, publishers and agencies, telling her that her voice was not unique enough and her songwriting not outstanding enough. “This was such a dark period in my life. I was feeling down and so sad.“ But one evening, after having received another rejection from a label, she picked up her ukulele and started to write an uplifting song. “I wanted to write the happiest song there is to cheer myself up and it worked. And I knew then that this was the musical path I had to follow.“ She continued to focus on writing happy, ukulele-driven songs and described them as “My Sun and Stars“. Consequently, her songs were used in ad campaigns on international television and Emma had finally made her dream come true.

Listen to “You make me happy”, the newest single from My Sun and Stars

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