Stilljill creates refreshing female energy


Recently added to our Indie/Pop/Rock radio stream: Stilljill. The Female powered rock-trio creates a flow of refreshing female energy with debut EP “Waterslides.” Stiljill blends indie pop with psych rock into soft yet intriguing melodies.

“Hard as Nails” by Milo. Out Now!

Alternative pop/rockband Milo started 2019 with a memorable gig at European Showcase festival Eurosonic Noordeslag. And at February the first they released their new single “Hard As Nails”. The single is an introduction of the fresh sound the band has developed. The combination of the sharp pink graphics and sombre grey images in the accessory […]

Punk. Funk. Rock. Today: Ten Years Today

It’s obvious that when these three young men take the stage, they make it their own. Ten Years Today started out as a duo in a dusty attic. Nowadays this alternative powerpop trio perform shows bursting with energy, it’s hard not to move!

Lo-fi melancholy; Starman Jr.

Starman Jr. (a.k.a. Adam Porter) makes music that feels laid-back and lethargic, the sound of a rickety porch at 3 a.m. as you’re debating whether it all means something more. The ramshackle production values add to the homespun feel, providing the gently strummed guitars a spacey and ethereal mood. Once the slide guitar comes in, […]

See Milo live, read Lomans & Rombouts

Where do you hear the best conversations? Where do you meet the people that become part of your life story? A bar is a stage for the important meetups in life (Well, not always. We know. Sometimes it’s just a place with cheap beer, but you get the idea, right?) Last Sunday Frequenzy set up […]

The intriguing sound flows of Ocean of Noise

Ocean of Noise is a project of Polish artist Rafała Konopki. He creates his music with a varity of musicians from the Polish alternative music scene. The result is a compelling sound flow that takes your mind in to a dreamy zen mode. So, flow away on “Heartsbeats” of Ocean of Noise on our radiostream. […]