Gangs Of Kin at ESNS

Gangs Of Kin

A troubadour with a memorable raspy voice and an oracle/barker with witty phrases: Gangs Of Kin is Amsterdam songwriter Joël Gaerthé, an eclectic, contemporary artist.

The perfect playlist for your coffee break

hank midnight

These 10 fresh lo-fi indie pop songs from up-coming artists create together the best 30 minute break to enjoy your coffee. With DeFrank, The Hazy Seas, Phantom Handshakes, Stevie Zita & more!

From Bristol’s creative scene: Saaaz

Saaaz is lo fi producer from Bristol and also a member of Echo, a company revolving around all things music. They curate and host events, radio shows, Spotify playlists and music production content.

Here to hurt your ears… and your heart; Mirror Trash

Here to hurt your ears (his own chosen words). And according to us also to hurt your feelings in a positive way (crying is, like breathing, a life sign of the heart, right?). That’s Mirror Trash with “Sleepwalking Activity” an album full of beautiful sad songs. Creator is Aizat Haris a film student and musician […]

Lo-fi pop with high expectations: Lord Bendtner

Lord Bendtner is the name of a famous football player (football as in soccer) and also the name of an almost even famous band from NY. This band loves soccer and making music with an inventive 90s emo/shoegaze hybrid that turns on unorthodox melodies and the unique playing approaches of its members. Their last EP […]

Lo-fi melancholy; Starman Jr.

Starman Jr. (a.k.a. Adam Porter) makes music that feels laid-back and lethargic, the sound of a rickety porch at 3 a.m. as you’re debating whether it all means something more. The ramshackle production values add to the homespun feel, providing the gently strummed guitars a spacey and ethereal mood. Once the slide guitar comes in, […]