About their latest album; Watch the mini docu from Greyheads

Many musicians have discovered instagram as a platform to present their work in small docu’s. With some well chosen impressions they take you into their process of creating, the atmosphere of their music. Watch the small docu that Jazz Hip Hop band GreyHeads posted to tell you about their first album “HOMES”.

PLAATPRAAT: Watch the process of making an EP with Certain Animals

The Rotterdam based three piece Certain Animals recorded a session at Frequenzy last year. The band makes dirty rock with a psychedelic edge, filled with harmony and melodic twists. Last year the hairy men worked diligently to record their brand new EP, ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’, which will be released on 12″ vinyl in Rotown […]

Those were the days that Jimi Hendrix opened for The Monkees

In the storied summer of 1967, there was an ever-so-brief (and ever-so-strange) combination of two ever-so-different musical icons: The Monkees and Jimi Hendrix. Monkees drummer Micky Dolenz recounts the brief period of time that the legendary guitarist was the opening act for the pop boy-band sensation. While the pairing of the two acts seemed like […]

Documentary ‘American Epic’, a love letter to recorded sound

“The film is a love letter to recorded sound”, according to magazine Austin360. That’s why we are really looking forward to the premiere of American Epic this May 16. American Epic is a  serie of music films focusing on the birth of modern music in the United States. It comprises a three-part historical music documentary, […]

“Danny Says”, an impression of an epic era in music

Some documentaries teach you a history lesson. This one let’s you relive an era. Danny Says is a documentary on the life and times of Danny Fields. Since 1966, Danny Fields has played a pivotal role in music and “culture” of the late 20th century: working for the Doors, Cream, Lou Reed, Nico, Judy Collins and […]

What is the function of music? Watch this creative eye-opener

Is it to there to communicate, to create a deeper meaning of it all, or is it some kind of soul food? It is for sure a question with many answers: What is the function of music? Animator and director Mac Premo asked this to composer and Radiolab producer Jad Abumrad. The interview became a creative […]

When inspiration hits you by accident

The story behind seventies classic  “American Woman” – You never know when inspiration hits you. Sometimes it can be a broken string on the right time on the right place. Watch this fabulous animated story on Vimeo about the birth of an iconic riff. Randy Bachman from The Guess Who tells how “American Woman” was […]