PLAATPRAAT: Watch the process of making an EP with Certain Animals

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The Rotterdam based three piece Certain Animals recorded a session at Frequenzy last year. The band makes dirty rock with a psychedelic edge, filled with harmony and melodic twists. Last year the hairy men worked diligently to record their brand new EP, ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’, which will be released on 12″ vinyl in Rotown Rotterdam and the Sugarfactory, Amsterdam. About the recording process of  ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’ they made a small documentary serie PLAATPRAAT. They will introduce you to the people that made this EP possible.  Part 1 will be released this Friday at their social media channels.

& see you in Rotown and Sugarfactory for the EP release party in September:

Rotown                      September 7       Tickets here
Sugarfactory             September 13     Tickets here

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