olivier st. Louis

The chemistry of the Olivier St. Louis sound

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Working as a scientist in the day, and a musician at night: Olivier St. Louis is a man of many talents. But the chemistry came really alive after choosing for his true passion: music. After some years working and living as a musical scientist/genius musician, he decided to devoted him self and his talents to the music. “Matters Of The Heartless” is meanwhile his third EP and has been released at January 2021.

“Matters Of The Heartless” is essentially a classically-structured selection of soul-funk with a rock edge, and a touch of jazz. Each track is laced with Olivier’s sweet harmonies and fuzzed-out guitar licks throughout, and mixed down with a little 2020 boom bap thump. A prime example of Olivier’s unique talents and a set of quality contemporary alt-soul.

Listen & order “Matters Of The Heartless” here

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