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Ed Balloon creates new artistic values on web3

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As an online music platform with big dreams and great ambitions, Frequenzy will go on a new mission this year: Create the entrance for artists & music fans to the metaverse & Web3 (more about all of this soon). In advance of the opening of our entrance to web3 & metaverse, we will highlight the most interesting music on blockchain & in the metaverse. For example the incredible Ed Balloon.

Strive to float over the bullshit. Trust yourself; trust your instincts. These are the guiding principles with which artist & musician Ed Balloon navigates the human experience. He employs experimental productions that draws you into a world balancing pure pop and soul with a desire for the strange. Last year he launched some interesting NFT collections that show how you can mix art, music & NFT technology into a new form of mixed media art.

Run Ed collection on OpenSea

The Run Ed collection is one of his latest projects. This is a first of its kind generative sound and motion picture project on Ethereum. It consists of 1000 animated pieces blending stop motion, 2D & 3D animation, music and sound.

Each NFT is an eight (8) second clip featuring Ed Balloon’s stop motion animated character, Ed B “The Puppet” — an IRL silicone puppet that looks a whole lot like Ed. Available at OpenSea

100% of the collection will exist as dope-ass animated art on the blockchain.

50% of primary sales will be directed towards funding the production of Ed Balloon’s web(3)isode pilot, The Ed B “The Puppet” Show.

50% of secondary sales will be directed towards The Ed Balloon Generational Wealth Fund to collect work from Black, and other underrepresented, web3 artists.

Snippet of Ed B “The Puppet” on YouTube

Photo header: still from “Trap Balls On A Loc Tree (Are We F&%cked)”availlable at SuperRare

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