The Summer of Hebe

The Summer of HEBE started with a UK tour and ended with the opening of the Uitmarkt from I amsterdam. We’ve met the singer at StadsOase Podium Gigant and recorded “Made Up My Mind.” Enjoy!  

Celebrate your summer nights with Nachtschade: check out here where & when

Last week we’ve released the Silent Sessions with Nachtschade. Their songs draw the stories of the night and add a layer of vile trash can sound to them. It’s Fear and Loathing in an Amsterdam Pub music, Surf ‘n Roll, Psychedelic Rock and Blues. This Summer you can find the band almost every weekend on […]

The Nachtschade session premiere this week

We are stoked to announce the session with psychedelic rock and blues band Nachtschade! Stay tuned for the second part of our silent session rendition releasing this wednesday.

The future of live music, the upcoming trends

At Frequenzy we are always trying to create new stages for live music. Our Silent Session project is an example of this urge to give fans the ultimate sensation of live music and to give musicians the stage their music deserve at the same time.  That’s why we were very interested in the article of […]