The future of live music, the upcoming trends

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At Frequenzy we are always trying to create new stages for live music. Our Silent Session project is an example of this urge to give fans the ultimate sensation of live music and to give musicians the stage their music deserve at the same time.  That’s why we were very interested in the article of music magazine Rolling Stone about new trends in live music:

Last year was the most profitable in live-music history, with $7.3 billion in tickets sold, twice as much as a decade earlier. This year, expect that number to get even bigger. To fend off competition, festivals and artists are incorporating innovations from virtual reality to marijuana vendors. Recruiting millennials is key: Bonnaroo recently rebounded from a dismal 2016 after doubling down on EDM and hip-hop, moving even further away from its jam-band roots. Here’s more of what to expect….. (the full article here )

Silent Session Nachtschade, May 2017,  Gigant – photo by Freek Roerdink

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