The Frequenzy crew-members unanimously love bands that do their own thing, create their own sound. It can definitely be said that the bands visiting us at the Gigant stage for Frequenzy so far, all have their own blend and style. Looking for innovation and new sounds is highly appreciated. There are not many artists in the Netherlands at the moment that capture a contemporary sound like Daimy Lotus.

Daimy’s short interview in the corridor:


Daimy and her band blend 90’s sounding r&b and soulful pop with the sounds of 2016 and 2017. Live voice-samples, synthesizers remind of Glass Candy and the film Drive- yes, the one with the amazing soundtrack and Ryan Gosling- a real catchy hybrid analog ft. electronic sound is created by this foursome.  The singer has a characteristic voice, but could remind of a blend between a house jam, a young Kelis, Rina Sawayama and AlunaGeorge. A live show could be done in an urban setting, but would absolutely not missstand on a festival like Pitch!!! (Hint, Pitch guys!)

Daimy feeling the music on stage (2017)

Daimy is only 20 years old, very young, but she is not a newcomer in music-land.  Born in Eindhoven in 1996, Daimy has been performing in public ever since she was only 5 years old! The singer has collaborated with artists and producers such as Tienus (Dotan, Kygo), Skiggy Rapz and Rupert Blackman (CAUSES).

We hope see Daimy play live again in not too long from now and hope they’ll get a huge audience, see you soon!

Daimy’s band consists of Daimy herself as vocalist, Nard Koeman on bass, Erik Bogers on keys and Kasper van der Voort on the drums.

Photograph by MandaProductions

More on Daimy Lotus? Visit her website here