OLWH: Soul Avant-Garde

Hailing from Hertfordshire, Kelvin Beyioku (AKA OLWH), brings a collection of experimental music. While switching between genres, he makes sure to give you a similar and distinct vibe throughout all his productions. With tracks like “Loving You Right” he leaves you feeling a sense of solace while leaving you feeling uncomfortable with the harsh drops…. […]

“Met Andere Woorden”: Where literature meets music this Friday

It can be an inspiring clash, an interesting mix or an awkward encounter. Something happens when literature and music meet on stage. Word and sound come together in a new creation. This Friday you can experience this meet up at the “Met Andere Woorden Festival” in Burgerweeshuis, Deventer. For example musicians from electronic record label […]

Popronde Preview: Dutch/Danish electronic/dance talent Lilø

Danish heritage, hailing from Rotterdam: Lilø is one of the new names buzzing around in the Dutch dance scene. He had made it to the finals of “Grote Prijs Van Nederland” this year and is one of the selected talents by Dutch music magazine “Oor”.

Out now/ find out now: the new Rodèlle “Trees”

Rodèlle takes you into their music, and then leaves you with an eagerness to find out what it is you’ve just listened to. Compelling, but hard to describe in a few words. Can music be superficial and layered at the same time? Or does it only look like one and is it the other? A […]

Refreshing sounds of Daimy Lotus


The Frequenzy crew-members unanimously love bands that do their own thing, create their own sound. It can definitely be said that the bands visiting us at the Gigant stage for Frequenzy so far, all have their own blend and style. Looking for innovation and new sounds is highly appreciated. There are not many artists in the […]

Live report: The 4th qualification round of the Rob Acda Award

Every weekend thousands of people visit a concert or performance. They are witnesses of the epic music moments and discover the new bands. Frequenzy invites music bloggers to share their stories. This time: Daniëlle Sluijter at the qualification rounds of the Rob Acda Award. Friday the third of February was the 4th qualification round of […]

Grasnapolsky: back to nature & into the music

The line-up of this festival is always an interesting mix of indie, singer-songwriter and electronic music. But it is the location that gives Grasnapolsky his extraordinary allure.