Live report: The 4th qualification round of the Rob Acda Award

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Every weekend thousands of people visit a concert or performance. They are witnesses of the epic music moments and discover the new bands. Frequenzy invites music bloggers to share their stories. This time: Daniëlle Sluijter at the qualification rounds of the Rob Acda Award.


Friday the third of February was the 4th qualification round of the Rob Acda Award. The event was held in the Patronaat, a venue that is not unknown to most music lovers. The winner of this award gets the opportunity to play at Bevrijdingsfestival in the Netherlands, which is a huge chance for upcoming bands.

The bands who participated this night were; Chris Alain, combining his powerful voice with catchy music (watch his Frequenzy session here). Mr Stone and the black dogs; rock and roll. Avalanche; progressive rock with a female front. Start/Over; progressive metalcore with a djent sound. Total Seclusion; hardcore skatepunk with a spark of insanity. And last but not least, Precursor; Electronic Music that invites you to dance. (performing in this order)

One of the bands that stood out for me this evening was Avalanche, since this was the only female fronted band. You don’t see much bands in progressive rock with a girl vocalist. Her voice was absolutely right for this genre, it gave the music a more melodic twist.

Only 2 out of 6 participants of this evening are going to the finals: one chosen by the judges and one chosen by public votes. Total Seclusion was the choice of the judges, after playing really nice and tight set. The only comment the judges gave them was that the singer needed to articulate better, because sometimes the judges didn’t quite understand what he was singing about. The choice of the public was Precursor. The audience loved his live performance. He got everybody dancing with his electronic beats.

We’ll see these 2 contestants, and the other winners of the previous qualification rounds, at the finals of the Rob Acda Award at the 17th of March, in Patronaat Haarlem!

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