Grasnapolsky: back to nature & into the music

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The line-up of this festival is always an interesting mix of indie, singer-songwriter and electronic music. But it is the location that gives Grasnapolsky his extraordinary allure.

Grasnapolsky is three days back to nature,  into the music. And it starts this Friday. Grasnapolsky is an intimate winter festival in nature park the Hoge Veluwe.  In the middle of this park stands a mysterious building that looks a bit like an ancient temple: Radio Kootwijk. The design of this formal radio station was inspired on the old Egyptian sphinx.  This is where the magic happens.  For three days this place in the middle of nowhere is the center of attention for people who wants to discover new music.

Grasnapolsky February 10-11-12

With Klangstof, Jo goes hunting, Tamino & much more

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