“32”: Controlled urgency, bonding as friends

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“032”, is the collaboration between 2 friends and the bonding of 2 of the hottest upcoming names from the percussive club/house scene right now: Anunaku and DJ Plead. London record label AD 93 will release the EP “032” at July 17.

“Controlled urgency, bonding as friends” is the motto of “032”. The common denominator of the artists is that they use their colorful background to develop a new unique sound. The debut album “Inner Worlds” from TSVI, the artist behind Anunaku, received therefor a lot of attention. TSVI grew up with parents who practice Hinduism, which is quite unusual for an Italian family. In most recent times he was hugely inspired by his partner’s religious and musical background, after they exposed him to Middle Eastern music and Sufi ideologies.

TSVI started creating tracks that were influenced by belly dance percussionists such as Emad Sayyah and Hossam Ramzy, combined with Dancehall, Tarraxo and Trance. The Anunaku project is a continuation of TSVI’s debut album and aims to explore the use of various drums from around the world combined with elements of UK underground club music.

Jarred Beeler, aka DJ Plead is the son of a Swiss father and Lebanese mother and came originally from Sydney. The sound of Beeler’s Lebanese roots resonates in all of his tracks and also at “032”. The songs he grew up hearing at family gatherings are woven into his music. It was BV’s densely percussive 2016 track “Hunted” that set his solo project in motion. He was inspired to mix the Lebanese pop and wedding music from his childhood with the UK bass and house sounds Lee had been playing around him.

As Beeler explored the intersection of his heritage and club music, the results resonated with fans productions are percussive, with polyrhythmic drum patterns and staccato melody lines. His DJ sets, rhythmic and urgent, follow suit. Genres like Lebanese dabke and Egyptian mahraganat fit snugly within his repertoire, layered in among UK bass, house and hard drum. (full article about DJ Plead here)

AD 93 is the label behind is a London based record label run by Nic Tasker. Initiated as a platform for off-kilter leftfield techno, the label has evolved over the years to become an eclectic outlet for unique creative visions and collaborative experiments. The label has forged lasting relationships with its roster of artists and designers, providing a platform for projects in the arts, sound, film and fashion. 032 is a perfect example of the eye and skill to develop unique musical projects.

Designed by avva.studio and Alex McCullough

032 will be released at July 17, preview & pre-order here

WARNING: This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.


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