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This Fall: The Talent Recordings in studio Mojo Dojo

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We give you our stage, the spotlights, and 15 minutes to claim your fame and show the world what you’ve got! Recording a Frequenzy session is certainly a moment of truth for the artist who enters our online stage.

Recording emerging Dutch talents

With our fixed formula, we have recorded some epic musical moments over the years. And this fall we start a new project: Talent Recordings, a series of sessions with emerging Dutch talents. The main goal of Talent Recordings is to create a kickstart for talented artists. We will record the sessions in Mojo Dojo, our new home & recording studio in Rotterdam.

It’s quite a challenge to create your magic within 15 minutes of a recording session. But in general, the musicians that we’ve welcomed over the years enjoyed the whole Frequenzy experience. For most of them, it was not only a recording but also a snapshot of the place and space where they were at that moment during their artistic journey. But a Frequenzy session is most of all a great addition to a portfolio. It’s a gift for music fans and very useful material to show to bookers or agencies.

Talent Recordings in Mojo Dojo

This Fall we warmly welcome new bands and artists in studio Mojo Dojo. And you never change a winning team. Or a successful concept. So, for the Talent Recordings, we use the same formula again: a recording of a couple of tracks in a live setting. Simple, authentic, and pure.

The Talent Recordings premieres with something nice and heavy: alternative post-punk and Rotterdam-based band Shwuaen (we will soon tell you more about this awesome band, so stay tuned).

We would like to thank Rabobank Rotterdam for the generous donation that made the recordings possible of 5 Rotterdam acts. Rabobank wants to support creative talent in The Netherlands and we are grateful they choose The Talent Recordings to do so.

Stay tuned to find out more about the selected talents, their music, and their sessions!

The Vices, Frequenzy Sessions 2021

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