Sunny & melancholic Elephant at the Talent Recordings

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Sunny, melancholy and in a major key. That is the sound of the 4-piece indie band Elephant. The band was born in the year in which a virus almost knocked out the music industry. Against their better judgement but with full dedication, they threw themselves at songwriting.  In March 2021, Elephant released their debut EP, produced by Pablo van de Poel (DeWolff) and recorded in his analog studio. With hardly any opportunity to perform, but loads of inspiration, the Rotterdam band continued their collaboration with Van de Poel, and the resulting debut album ‘Big Thing’ is their fitting and resilient response to the pandemic.

We’re happy to announce that these talented men will come our studio for a Talent Recordings Session next week.

Why a Talent Recordings livestream with Elephant?

Elephant was one of the promising acts at Eurosonic this year. With a sold-out nationwide tour, plenty of airplay, and having been handed the honorific title of ‘Emerging Artist’ by prestigious Dutch media like 3FM, 3voor12, and De Volkskrant, you could say Elephant has the wind at their back. Elephant is marked as the new Dutch indie-pop band that just might make a difference in the coming years. And that is of course something we love to see & hear for ourselves. That’s why we invited the guys for a livestream at our Mojo Dojo studio.

The Talent Recordings Livestream with Elephant May 22, 19:30 CET watch here

We would like to thank Rabobank Rotterdam for the generous donation that made the recordings possible with Elephant and 4 other acts. Rabobank wants to support creative talent in The Netherlands and we are grateful they choose The Talent Recordings to do so.

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