The subtle yet immense warmth of Bonsi

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“It’s a calm song that I made in a caravan.” It’s a simple explanation for a beautiful crafted song that stands out at our new Acoustic/Folk playlist (listen here). Settled within a musical twilight zone, multidisciplinary artist Bonsi occupies a sonic void of her own. Possessing a dark and brooding presence, her self-produced tracks carry a subtle yet immense warmth. The song “Felt Coat” at our Acoustic/Folk playlist is from the EP “Sustain,” that was released in November 2020. The artist recently made another track together with fellow producer and university friend Harvey Causon.

About creating “Mouth Of Shame” with Causon: “I love producing in a lo-fi way – like the way that I did with my first EP. But as I’ve been working with Harvey [Casuon], whose production style is much cleaner, I’ve gotten a lot of enjoyment from merging these two worlds together. I’ve taken inspiration from some things that I did in this song and carried it over into other projects that I’m working on. Mouth of Shame is a very different vibe for me, but I like having the freedom to just do that.” (full interview here)

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