Folk/americana band Juneville started in 2014 with the heartwearming song ‘Take A Ride’ for a dear friend. Singer Pieter Nabbe: “Our debut was an introspective, melancholy and very personal record. With this second album we have opened up the window to the world, and just like everyone else, we notice that there are a lot of things happening that aren’t right.

The Frequenzy crew teamed up with Gigant, Koen Frijns (host) and Nick Habermehl (audio engineer) for a new full-length session live from Gigant Muziekcafé, Apeldoorn. Featuring songs from Juneville’s latest album ‘Obey The Heart’ (January 11, 2019), we chat with the band about their musical background stories.

Band members

Pieter Nabbe – Vocals
Thomas Dessing – Keys/Vocals
Gert-Jan Brust – Bass
Thomas Calis – Drums
Bart Spierings – Guitar/Vocals
Pieter Klaassen – Guitar/Vocals


1. Going Home
2. Love Me If You Can
3. A Summer’s Day
4. Black Snake
5. Everywhere
6. Stand Our Ground
7. Let Us Be Silent


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