Mihael Hrustelj Trio

Jazz, balkan, fusion

Mihael Hrustelj (1991), Slovenian guitar player, arranger and composer, started to play guitar at the age of 13 as every young boy that wants to impress the girls. But his first ever encounter with music was playing the little CASIO keyboard when he was still just a kid, and exploring different sounds that were on that toy.

After seriously grasping for guitar he ditched the idea of becoming a pilot and rather got himself into classical music and as a classical guitar player, started to explore the power of classical guitar sound which became his greatest love. The Mihael Hrustelj Trio plays his tunes in an intriguing trio setting with a mixture of classical music, rock, balkan influences and a variety of jazz elements.

Band members

Mihael Hrustelj – Guitar/Vocals
Dejan Hudoklin – Bass
Javi Herrero Cámara – Drums


1. Rafal
2. Raindrops
3. Full Moon Dance


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