With Mason McClurg, Kevin Scoma, Lucas Laufen, Hanging Valleys and many more!

Soulful songwriting from Hunter Sheridan

hunter sheridan

Hunter Sheridan is a Canadian artist whose music delivers soulful songwriting and warm melodies that weave a euphoric atmosphere. We’ve added his beautiful “Life is a Dream” & “Skin And Bones” to our Acoustic/Folk stream playlist.


With Aidan & The Wild, Yllwblly, Flecha Moon, Oh Papa, Andrew Merica and many more!


With Charlie Mudd, Wesley Attew, Paper Towns, Martin Sillen and many more!

Yasmin Williams: a refreshing & imaginative guitar player

yasmin williams

Yasmin Williams is an acoustic fingerstyle guitarist with an unorthodox, modern style. Her music has been commonly described as both refreshing & relaxing. It has been called some of the most imaginative guitar music out today.