Music for your west coast soul: Carmanah

Like the rainforests from which their name derives, the steady beat of the west coast can be found within the sound of Carmanah. Recently the band recorded a session at a place built with love for music.

Grim Tim, with a preview of their upcoming album & upcoming tour dates

Watch the Grim Tim session for a preview of their upcoming album (release this fall) or come and see them live at Horizontoer & Festival Under the Milky Way zat. 1 sept. 2018 this summer. Tour dates: August 8             Horizontoer August 9             Horizontoer August 10           Horizontoer August 11           Horizontoer September 1      Under The Milky Way […]

Grim Tim with new material & at Frequenzy this Sunday

We’ve already met the band at Popronde 2017. They also met some of our local music legends. Which results in a sort of interesting conversation about mics, touring, Tom Waits, Madonna and ofcourse live itself. But even more memorable that night was the magic raw energetic live show of Grim Tim. A unique, sophisticated and […]

This stormy Sunday: energetic fusion band Dr Meraki at Frequenzy

Meraki – is a verb, or an adverb, its origins are Greek 18th/19th century, it’s meaning, simply put – is to do something with an open willingness and with complete whole love. That’s exactly the approach of Dr. Meraki to music. Their debut EP Blanc was released this month &  this Sunday we are recording […]

An exciting blend of overwhelming R&B and jazz grooves: Greyheads

Greyheads is multi-dimensional electronic and hip hop sounds coming together with overwhelming R&B and jazz grooves. Greyheads is a grooving blend of exciting interactions between live electronics and poly-rhythmic beats. Greyheads is the 7 pieces band based in Rotterdam, led by drummer Nello Biasini.

Catchy without compromises, EUT on the session stage this weekend

EUT makes postpop. That means nice nineties sounds combined with refreshing originality. This Sunday we will be recording a session with the Alternative band from Amsterdam. EUT is also one of the bands you can see (read: MUST SEE) live during Popronde 2017.  They are selected by 3voor12 as one of the outstanding acts this […]