Behind the lens: Soner Arslan on directing, mockumentaries and music

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Director Soner Arslan brings innovation to mockumentaries with his sharp satire and deep insight into human dynamics. In our interview, Soner shares his creative process, thoughts on credibility versus fiction, and the significance of music and interdisciplinary collaborations.

Meta-nostalgia from Bl00dwave


In a way it’s the release of some musical moments from the past created from musical times from an older past. “Distance” from Bl00dwave is meta-nostalgia.

A joyful work with deep roots: “Sons of Ethiopia”

“Sons of Ethiopia” from Admas is a fascinating piece of the Ethiopian musical puzzle. Emerging from the community of Ethiopian exiles who had been scattered to the winds by the brutality of the Derg dictatorship, the album was in 1984 the sound of a new generation.

Classic music for the modern world: Kettleflower

Nashville’s Kettleflower is the virtual  collaboration between producer-engineer Mike Purcell and singer-songwriter Patrick Rickelton. Their debut EP, “Warning Bells,” and forthcoming EP “You can run.” reflect both members’ growing concerns about America at large – income inequality, climate change, and social disconnect, among others. About the new track “Dreaming”: “A heavenly blend of tranquil, hazy […]


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