Live recording at the Dutch grasslands with Tricklebolt

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The new normal in a pandemic world asks for creative solutions if you want to perform live music. Blues rock band Tricklebolt came with such a solution: a Drive Tour. And we, the crew from Frequenzy, will capture this memorable event. We will film the whole thing during the final concert of the tour, on August 15 at the grasslands of Lemele.

The concept is pretty simple and effective: somewhere in The Netherlands stops a truck. 5 young rock gods jump out, plug in their instruments and start to play. The fans arrive in their own cars, stay there & stay safe. Tricklebolt gives an energetic performance, everybody goes home happily afterwards and the band moves on to another place to perform. 

Although they have innovative and fresh ideas, Tricklebolt’s true mission is to bring you back to the glory days of 1975. Experience the vibe you missed out on if your date of birth -like theirs- lies way past those times. It’s Deep Purple meets Birth of Joy. Conceive authentic raw guitars, floating Hammond carpet, psychedelics, that kind of good stuff. On top of that expect hooks and looks à la Fatal Flowers. Lust for Life- energetic and spitting out the proper amount of decibels; Tricklebolt whacks it all straight into your gut. And the pain will be pure bliss.

On their resume you can find many festival slots like f.e. Zwarte Cross, Manana Manana, Ribs & Blues, Eurosonic, Fields of Joy, and supports for s.a. Golden Earring, DeWolff, Uriah Heep, Di-rect, Navarone, Thin Lizzy, Y&T. & more. Tricklebolt’s second full length album “Straight Into The Blue” was released Februari 2020 and received critical acclaim.

And August 15 will also be the first recording -!ever!- from a Drive-In live album. Tickets & more information here.

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