A happy new year for Money & The Man: Eurosonic in the pocket and a brand new single

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2017 starts very well for Money and The Man and therefore for people who like Dutch garage blues. Last weekend the two gentlemen gave 3 shows at showcase festival Eurosonic. And this week you can check out their brand new single 5’s & 6’s at Spotify.

The band started in 2013 with, like great bands often do, a jam session. Henk Wesselink (vocals) and Ymte Koekkoek (drums ) developed a thick, dynamic overall sound, heavenly influenced by blues, indie and old fashioned rock n’ roll. We met the gentlemen at Popronde 2016 in Apeldoorn. With their loud, intense performance there, one thing became very clear. Money and The Man are men with a mission: To keep rock n’ roll real with sincere, raw music and intense live shows that will blow you away.  With this new single we can only say: mission accomplished!

 “The world should be saved by men with an authentic rock ‘n’ roll mentality. That’s why we need Money & The Man!”  (site M&TM)

Listen to 5’s & 6’s at Spotify & stay tuned at Money & The Man, the music clip will be released this Friday the 20th!

money and the man cover single

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