Name-drops : who’s performing where, a SXSW edition

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This month: the Dutch delegation at SXSW

South by South West is a showcase festival like Eurosonic/Noorderslag but bigger. It is also more diverse with different cultural events, like for example a movie festival. South by South West is a great experience and a huge opportunity for artists. You can represent yourself and your music to a worldwide audience.  Here are some of the names of the Dutch artists that will participate this year:

Jennie Lena – The lady blends classic soul, gospel choruses, with a 21st-century production. Raw, funny and right from the heart

Klyne – With uber cool Dutch electronic pop

St Tropez  -Raw decadence: yacht punk from Amsterdam

Max Abysmal–  Sounds from all over the world come together at his turntable

MICH – New Wave from the Netherlands

Michael Prins – Low Lands blues

San Holo – Dutch, DJ, all the way from Zoetermeer and ready to rise & reign


SXSW: march 10-19 2017

More info:


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