Popronde Preview: Dreamy indie pop from an old mansion, Phoam

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Once upon a time, not so long time ago, and actually in a place not so far away, there was an old mansion by the sea where 5 young friends lived at an affordable rent. This is usually the beginning of a horrorstory that ends with: “And no one ever heard anything about the 5 men again”….. But not in this case. The mansion was the perfect beginning for band Phoam to create an original mix of dreamy pop melodies & upbeat rhythm parts. Succesfull shows in The Netherlands and Germany and the release of debut single “Pure” are certainly not the last things we will hear from the band. Phoam is ready for Popronde: “We’re coming to shake your mind and hips!”

Popronde tour dates so far, more info here

  • Almere: 29 sept – Hi-Fi Klubben Almere
  • Den Bosch: 05 okt – Mariapaviljoen

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