Popronde Preview: Anemone, With psychedelic soundscapes and nineties atmospheres

A raw, edgy kind of charming. Anemone comes with an attitude that is typical for their hometown Rotterdam. And it blends perfectly with their love for nineties britpop. Anemone is a 2017 fresh newborn band that will bring energetic liveshows to the stages of Popronde. Don’t miss this one! Tour dates Popronde Nijmegen: 13 sept […]

Popronde Preview: with Sheila and the Kit

Their music will get you ready for the festival season at any time. That’s why they are a perfect preview to get in the mood for Popronde 2018. Synthpop band Sheila And The Kit don’t mind shameless pop music that sounds good and infectious.

Popronde Preview: flip flops and some fine tunes

Flip flops are one of the essentials for the i-don’t-give-a-f*ck, i-only-wanna-make-good- music- style this summer. Even Kanye West tried it (with viral consternation as result). But Yip Roc gets it and the music fans love that.

Popronde Preview: (F)emcee Starrlight is here to really make the difference

Is the future female? If it’s about Dutch hiphop scene that can be a positive thing. Enter the galaxy of Starrlight. Experience the sound of an (f)emcee that can create HipHop in her purest form with fresh lyrics, poetic and yet straight to the point. Starrlight has earned her stripes in this industry.

Popronde Preview: Dreamy indie pop from an old mansion, Phoam

Once upon a time, not so long time ago, and actually in a place not so far away, there was an old mansion by the sea where 5 young friends lived at an affordable rent. This is usually the beginning of a horrorstory that ends with: “And no one ever heard anything about the 5 men again”….. But not in this case.

Popronde Preview: Dutch/Danish electronic/dance talent Lilø

Danish heritage, hailing from Rotterdam: Lilø is one of the new names buzzing around in the Dutch dance scene. He had made it to the finals of “Grote Prijs Van Nederland” this year and is one of the selected talents by Dutch music magazine “Oor”.

Popronde Preview: Nieuwegrond, sound of an endless Miami Vice episode

If you need a soundtrack for the “Miami Vice goes to Amsterdam Red Light District” episode; these are your guys. Nieuwegrond makes catchy electronic music that reminds you of the good times with bad haircuts, cocktails and cabrio’s. Tour dates Popronde so far: Nijmegen: September 13 – Prikkels Hoorn: Octobre 28  – ‘t Kroegie Rotterdam: […]

Popronde Preview: For the love of French pop, Cordon Rouge

Oh-la-la! Cordon Rouge is the project of 2 producers with a huge crush on French pop. The duo makes electronic pop songs full of steamy French whispering, brought with a slight of irony. Their first single ‘Say It Like You Mean It’ is out now.  Will this song make them rich? We don’t know. But […]