Popronde Preview: Fokko, about the trials & tribulations of the thirty-something guy

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The truth can be funny if it is told in the right setting. Fokko combines firm rock with truthfull lyrics that makes you smile and think.

For example his latest track “Stadaarnietzodoeiets” can be used as a powerful mindfullness meditation about your here and now as a thirty-something person. Here a translation of the lyrics for our international audience (thanks to google)

Do not stand like that, do something

You’re an acorn

You are in the forest

If that squirrel sees you

Then he will eat you

You are a car

Ready for demolition

They stamp you so flat

And then you are no longer for sale

You are a whale

And you feel the harpoons

There must be air in your hole

They let you bleed

In the cosmos

Flying a meteor

He wants to say that

And you stand for it


Do not stand like that

Do something

Do not stand like that


Are you meat

It’s a matter of time

Before anyone in your practice

You do not dream

But where is your pants

You just had it on, but now there is a visit

You’re a grape

And you’re about to break

A dirty bare foot wants to step on you

And the storm

that was not predicted

but now you stand alone in an open field

you are a frog

in a sandstorm

you are a combi microwave on fire

you do the breaststroke between the piranhas

you have your lenses wrong to

it is war

that’s how you wanted your fries

they gave you curry and now you can not enjoy

and that girl

from around the corner

she does not see you

because you can do something about that


Popronde tour dates so far:

  • Tilburg: 12 okt – De Kennismakerij
  • Harderwijk: 14 okt – Nicky’s Inn


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