‘A wonderful soundscape of wavey guitar tones, big bass and dreamy effects.’

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A boy from Tacoma WA who just enjoys music and Baja blasts… and a talented musician with some bubbling, grooving, indie synthpop tunes of happy/sad emotions. Christian Taylor aka Baja Boy is a super fresh multi talent that shows a depth beyond his years with his debut album.  His lyrics of broken relationships, loneliness, and coping in the modern world swim in a soundscape of swirling/bubbling/commanding synths, groovy guitar tones, cool beats, big bass and dreamy effects. The musician released “Baja Boy” a day before his 16th birthday at July 23th. But his demos on SoundCloud and YouTube had already over 30,000 listens/views.

We’re happy to  have his music on our stream playlist. Listen the full album here

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