Popronde Preview: flip flops and some fine tunes

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Flip flops are one of the essentials for the i-don’t-give-a-f*ck, i-only-wanna-make-good- music- style this summer. Even Kanye West tried it (with viral consternation as result). But Yip Roc gets it and the music fans love that.  The band takes you back to nostalgic alternative rock with a touch of garage, punk and 60’s/70’s vibes. Though this might sound as an unwanted son-in-law, the music is always based on fine tunes and melodious lines. In this years Popronde tour the band is nominated as OOR-talent and one of the most requested acts.

Popronde Tour dates

  • Nijmegen: 13 sept – Doornroosje
  • Apeldoorn: 14 sept – Gigant
  • Roermond: 16 sept – Our Favourite Shop
  • Delft: 20 sept – Steck
  • Leeuwarden: 21 sept – De Backstage
  • Heerlen: 22 sept – De Pancraat
  • Almelo: 23 sept – ‘t Hookhoes
  • Wageningen: 27 sept – De Zaaier
  • Eindhoven: 28 sept – De Kram
  • Almere: 29 sept – KAF
  • Woerden: 30 sept – ‘t Bierhuys
  • Groningen: 04 okt – Vera
  • Den Bosch: 05 okt – De Palm
  • Haarlem: 06 okt – Patronaat Kleine Zaal
  • Dordrecht: 07 okt – Dolhuis
  • Utrecht: 11 okt – Back&Fourth
  • Tilburg: 12 okt – Bolle
  • Oss: 13 okt – Groene Engel
  • Harderwijk: 14 okt – Walhalla
  • Amersfoort: 20 okt – Boothill Saloon
  • Zutphen: 21 okt – De Deur
  • Arnhem : 26 okt – Mick O’Connells
  • Sittard: 27 okt – Dwaas
  • Hoorn: 28 okt – Het Huis Verloren
  • Rotterdam: 03 nov – V11
  • Venray: 04 nov – Goesting
  • Hilversum: 11 nov – De Vorstin
  • Breda: 15 nov – SamSam
  • Den Haag: 17 nov – Zwarte Ruiter

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